Bosq all vinyl mix for Beam Me Up

The good folks over at Beam Me Up asked me a long time ago to do a guest mix for their ongoing series, highlighting what disco means to me. I wanted to do all vinyl and mostly un-edited and unremixed tracks party because I feel like disco has gotten too sterile with all of the perfectly quantized 32 bar intro squared off edits and remixes flooding the market. There's a lot of beauty and emotion in those tempo fluctuations, transitions falling off for a second before regrouping, etc.

Aside from that I wanted to focus on the variety within disco, of course there's Afro Disco here, some of that sparse percussive NYC shit that I love, some more funky boogie-ish sounds etc. The hardest part is that I only have about 5% of my record collection here in Colombia! But anyways, enough talking! Here's the link and the tracklist

Eko Roosevelt - Kilimandjaro my home

Christy Essien Igbokwe - You can't change a man

Orchestre Poly Rythmo - Ne te faches pas (bosq's special disco mix)

Emmanual Kahe et Jeanette Kemogne - Ye Medjuie

Bosq ft. Kaleta - Pay the price

Steve Black - Brand new wayo

Wayne Ford - Dance to the beat freak out

Hamilton Bohannon - Foot stompin music

The Clash - The magnificient dance

Jesse G. - That's hot (selfmade millionaire edit)

The Strikers - Body Music

Omni - Out of my hands